War-Horses by G.M. Jeudwine

I came across this poem in 'The Horse and the War' by Capt. Sidney Galtrey. It's one of the most powerful verses on the plight of the war horse that I've come across so far. 'We combed you out from happy silences, On thymey downs;From stream-veined meadowlands alight with crownsOf buttercups, where, for you, shapely... Continue Reading →

‘Spiritual laws are also automatic’

‘Spiritual laws are also automatic’ is the epitaph of Edward Hastings Owen, 1st Battalion, The Buffs. A young man of 19 who was killed in the fighting around Ypres in May 1918, most likely as a result of gas. I have mentioned Private Owen before because his epitaph, out of the many 1000's I have... Continue Reading →

The Flower Power of the CWGC

This week saw the launch of the CWGC Gardening Then & Now campaign, highlighting the horticultural history of the CWGC and some of the remarkable personal stories of their gardeners, both past and present. The CWGC has become synonymous with beautiful floral displays and impeccably maintained lawns and though each of their 2,500 or so... Continue Reading →

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