Herstory Club

Herstory Club was established to bring women with a passion for history together, offering an opportunity for both professional and social connections. It was founded following discussions between friends about the challenges they faced as they sought to pursue their interest in military history.

Although we have come a long way, stereotypes and prejudice continue to negatively impact both men and women working in many different industries. Feminism has become a word loaded with misunderstanding, emotion and conflict; but at its core is the removal of gender expectations. These expectations can present a number of roadblocks that can be tricky to navigate. Whilst there are some great initiatives already working to help raise the profile of women in academia, there seemed to be a lack of more informal spaces for women to simply connect and share experiences. 

Herstory Club began with a meet up, and has developed as a space to network and showcase women involved with history at all levels.

Please visit http://www.herstory.club to find out more!

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