Ramparts Cemetery (Lille Gate)

Casualty info

Total Burials: 193

Designed by

Sir Reginald Blomfield


Ramparts Cemetery is located on the western side of the Lille Gate in Ypres, on top of the city’s old rampart. It is frequently referred to as one of the most beautiful Cemeteries on the Western Front and it is difficult to argue with this as it lies on the banks of the canal, in the most picturesque of scenes. It was begun by French troops in November 1914 and used by British Units at intervals from February 1915 all the way through to April 1918.

Although small, this Cemetery’s position by the medieval Lille Gate gives it a mighty history and allows us to draw unique parallels between the Great War and conflicts in Ypres which came before.


Private F A Hawkins
1st Bn. 
Dorsetshire Regiment
13th March 1915
Aged 20

Anchored safe

where storms are o’er

This inscription may have been inspired by the 1884 Hymn ‘Our Missing Treasures’ which includes the verse

‘Call not back the dear departed,
Anchored safe where storms are o’er;
On the border land we left them,
Soon to meet, and part no more.’

Private James Montague Bausor
1st Bn.
Dorsetshire Regiment
8th April 1915
Aged 18

Life is eternal

love shall e’er remain

and we in his good time

shall meet again

When I at last, am seen and known

Private James Montague Bausor – Plot H, 11

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