From War Horse to Veteran

As the First World War ended, so too did the British Army's requirement for the hundreds of thousands of horses and mules that served within its ranks. With no war, the war horse in his many roles, was made redundant. After the Armistice, the challenge of what to do with these now obsolete animals on... Continue Reading →

Enid & Violet Bell by Olivia Smith

Women from all walks of life made a contribution to the First World War, even the daughter of the man who would later become Prime Minister of New Zealand. Beatrice Enid Bell was born in Wellington in 1888, to the distinguished parents Sir Francis Bell and Lady Caroline Bell. She is believed to have been... Continue Reading →

Louise Blanche Riggall

As part of the British Empire, the role of Australian troops in the First World War has been well explored. The ANZAC legend is primarily focused on the contribution of men, yet Australian women also served in many ways. Over 2,000 women served with the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) in Australia, Greece and India... Continue Reading →

‘Hello Girls’ by Olivia Smith

In a world of easy connectivity, I think it is fair to say we all take for-granted our ability to be instantly connected through our mobile phones. I’ll always remember how simple it was to FaceTime my Mum and show her the view of the Somme from the top of the Thiepval memorial - I... Continue Reading →

Rimma Mikhailovna Ivanova

When we think of Russian women during the Great War, the first thing that perhaps comes to mind are the all female combat units. In particular, the 1st Women’s Battalion of Death and its founder Maria Bochkareva, who was the first Russian woman to command a military unit. Maria’s story, though fascinating, has been well... Continue Reading →

Nicole Girard-Mangin by Olivia Smith

L'ange Français - Nicole Girard-Mangin Today, our doctors and nurses have been indispensable, not just in the United Kingdom, but all over the world. They have kept those in need alive and ensured those who suffered were (and are) well looked after. The same sentiment can be attributed over a century ago. Nicole Girard-Mangin is... Continue Reading →

The Legendary Waler

With ancestors from South Africa, England, the Arabian Peninsula, Scotland and France, The Waler, although not an official breed, is a type of horse unlike any other. With the speed of a Thoroughbred, endurance of an Arab, intelligence of a Percheron and hardiness of a Timor Pony; the Waler's contribution in the Great War has... Continue Reading →

‘An army stands behind her, Lyra’

If you look up to the night sky this week, you may be lucky enough to catch The Lyrid Meteor shower. The Lyrids are one of the oldest recorded meteor showers known to man, first noted in 687 B.C in China as stars 'falling like rain', they have fascinated people for generations. Yet this spectacular... Continue Reading →

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